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The Quick Weather Check

7 Day NOAA Forecast
Winds Aloft - 12 hour forecast
Lapse Rate from Vandenburg
Jet Stream
La Cumbre Peak Weather Station
SB Airport Hourly Wind Report
SW California Forecast Discussion (Deciphered)

Santa Barbara Area
Jet Stream 3-day Prediction

Santa Barbara Soaring Forecast
Isobar Map
Winds & Temperatures Aloft
Surface Wind Forecast
Surface Wind Observations
Today's Forecast
Lapse Rate from Vandenburg
Forecasted Santa Barbara Lapse Rate
Forecasted Pine Mountain Lapse Rate
Winds Aloft - 6 hour forecast
Winds Aloft - 12 hour forecast
Winds Aloft - 24 hour forecast
Camarillo Airport Wind Report
Current Temperature
Observed Surface Winds
Observed Surface Winds Loop
Today's Forecast
7 Day Forecast
10 Day Forecast
Los Angeles Virtual Forecaster
SB Wind Profiler
Santa Barbara Sectional

San Diego
Tad Hurst Weather Page

San Bernardino, Marshall & Crestline
Rob McKenzie Weather Prediction

Big Picture
Infrared Satelite Loop
Pacific Loop
Jet Stream
Isobar Map for Central Coast
700 mb Winds
Doppler Radar - 600 Mile Area
SW California Forecast Discussion (Technical)
SW California Forecast Discussion (Deciphered)

Web Cams
La Cumbre Peak
Goleta Lagoon
San Bernardino
Torrey Pines
Point of the Mountain
Governador Valadares - Ibituruna
Plaine-Joux - Mont Blanc

Weather Resources
NOAA Weather Glossary

NWS Weather Glossary
Cloud Types

Phone Numbers and Radio Frequencies
Debbie, the wind talker (currently not working): 805-963-4422
Santa Barbara Airport automated wind report: 805-681-0583
Santa Ynez Airport automated wind report: 805-686-8903
Pilot Briefer: 1-800-WX-BRIEF (800-992-7433)
Coastal Weather Update: 805-897-1942
NOAA Radio: 162.400
Local Hang Glider Frequency: 144.250
Local Paraglider XC Frequencies: 145.555, 146.460

To Convert Between Celsius anf Fahrenheit:
Multiply your Celsius number by 1.8 and add 32 to get Fahrenheit.
Subtract 32 from your Fahrenheit number and devide by 1.8 to get Celsius.

To Calculate Lapse Rate: Find the expected high at 6000 feet. If the reading is 2822 +09 (eg. 9 degrees) subract that from the expected high for the day at sea level (eg 25 degrees). So 25-9=16 degrees. Then divide that by 6 (for 6k) = 2.7. Since 2 degrees celsius/1000 ft is the stable lapse rate, anything over 2 is good and over 3 is insane.

Circling Hawk Paragliding

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