A Typical Day of Paragliding

A typical day starts with taking a look at the weather outside, maybe near the mountains you will be flying around.

Followed by a look at upper level winds and air stability charts on the Internet.

Then there is a flurry of phone calls to fellow pilots figuring out a meeting time and place to load up the gliders.

Pack as many pilots and gear into a truck and head up the mountain.

At the top, unload the gear.

Check the winds and thermal strength.

Set up your glider and do a thorough preflight.

Once you’re hooked up, a pilot waits for a thermal to roll up the hill.

Before inflating the glider overhead.

Turning and facing forward and running a few steps.

Before taking off and settling back into the harness.

And heading out away from the terrain.

In search of a thermal. Once you have found a thermal you turn like a bird and...

Ride the thermal high into the sky, hopefully near cloudbase before heading out in search of another thermal.

On a lucky day, you may end up above a cloud and see your shadow cast down on the cloud creating a glory.

Or have an encounter with a “local”. In this particular flight, I saw the hawk diving down
towards my wing from about a 1000 feet above. As he approached my wing, he spread out his wings
and flew over the top of my wing before diving 1000 feet again right in front of me.

Eventually you don’t find the next thermal and glide down for a soft landing and a big smile.
At this point you can call a friend to pick you up, hitchhike, start walking, or call this place home for a while.

© Circling Hawk Paragliding • Santa Barbara, California • Bo Criss • 805-403-5848 • Bo@CirclingHawk.com


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