Stemme Sailplane Flight

11/25/05 from SB Airport with Terence Honikman

I met Terry September 8, 2005 when I gave a speech to the SB EAA (Experimental Aircraft Assoc.) on Paragliding.
Click here to see "Paragliding Overview."

Terry puts on his parachute.

Cockpit with Garmin GPS.

Oxygen system for 2.

Preflight checklist.

Foot controls.

Taxying to runway.

Co-pilot and Pilot.

Retractable propeller takes us to 5,000 feet.

Terry talks to the SB tower.

Rainbow takes us higher.

Wave clouds.

With the engine off, Terry can take the headset off and enjoy the sound of the wing on the wind.


Clouds rolling over the Santa Barbara Range.

Terry instructs me on keeping the speed using pitch as I take the controls and head east towards Ojai.

Lake Casitas.

We take a turn back near White Ledge.

Following the wave clouds we head back to Santa Barbara.

Flying by the Powerlines.

No place like cloudbase.

First day to ever use wave lift.

Familiar mountains.

More Mesa.

Spoilers pop out to increase drag.

Losing altitude on our base leg to Santa Barbara Airport.

On Final.

Use spoilers all the way in.

Almost there.


I'll never be the same. Flight time was 1:30 - 12 minutes with the motor on.

Taxying home.

One happy pilot!

Positioning the Stemme.

76' wingspan. 100 have been produced in Germany. Cost is about $285,000 Euros.
Mom Christmas is coming up!

Smooth surface.

Taking apart the wing.

Saddle up.

Wing pulls apart.

Wing rotates.

Retracted wing.

Pinned back wings.

Retractable propeller.

That's my tale. What a beautiful flight. Thanks Terry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracklog of the flight using SeeYou Software. - click here for more information.

Here are a few web links from Terry followed by some photos he took of our flight.

Return to Kittyhawk - click here - A sailplane race across America,
which is also a charity event to raise funds and awareness for postpartum depression (PPD).

Web link to purchace "SeeYou" - click here - Very cool software that allows
for replaying a flight onscreen based on your GPS tracklog. You can download and play
with the software and maps for two weeks before the program starts to lose features.

General description of soaring including a list of FAQ's - click here

Soaring Photos - click here

Stemme Website - click here

Low flying sailplane movies at Torrey Pines, including Stemmes - click here


Probably going to have to take a few lessons. Wow!!!!!!! Photo by Martin E. Hellman.

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