Rat Race

Woodrat Mountain, Oregon, May, 2006

Hanging with Andy Keller and Ben Haug.

Becca after she threw her reserve on day 1 of the comp.

Brad Gunnuscio helps repack Becca's reserve.

Gin Bolero Plus launching.

Hayden gives us the weather briefing on day 1.

Dean Stratton crossing the valley on day 1.

Len Szafaryn inspects his new Boom Sport the day before the competition.

Brother Cord and his girlfriend Andrea flew out to watch the event.

Andrea takes her first paragliding flight.

Me and Andrea on tandem.

Back on the ground, never the same.

Andy Keller clears his lines.

Gin Zoom inflates after task is called off.

Roomies for a week - Bo, Raelynn and Rob Milley.

Lots of deer in the area.

Ben Haug, ready to get it on.

Brad Gunnuscio chillin on launch.

Cherie Silvera prepares to fly.

Irina Starikova, my menti came to fly in the non-comp.

Heather St. Clair adjusts her harness.

Pauline and Andy chillin before flight.

Dale Covington and Jeff Farrel in the LZ.

Brother Cord.

David Prentice.

Dale launched.

A windy afternoon.

Jacksonville mainstreet.

Jeff Farrell launching.

Kari Castle, women's champion.

Shad awaiting cycle.

Len excited about his new toy, never to be packed that small again.

Lee looking for a ride.

Magic Mike puts on a show!

Beautiful afternoon launch.

Hayden Glatte and Bill Belcourt on launch. Hayden finished 3rd and Bill won the event.

Kevin Biernacki.

Billy Purden circling with a hawk.

Bruce Goldsmith, designer for Airwave gliders and ranked 4th in the world
teaches us about maneuvers, racing, and glider design.

Retrieved by Pam, I landed in her neighbors field, and she ended up being a college classmate.

Brad and Keith checking out the gear.

Some of the parameters for designing a glider.

Kari Castle launching.

Mexican night.

Len launches the Boom Sport for the first time.

Mike Halley, the event organizer.

Nate Scales prepares for a forward launch.

Nate inflates.

Landed 2 miles from goal on the first task.

Rob, Raelynn, Dean, Ron, Tom, Bob and Brad on pasta night.

Andy watches Pauline forward inflate.

The peanut gallery.

Pilots gather for the task meeting.

Rassa waits for her cycle.

Brad on mexican night.



Riss Estes and Bob Peloquin.

Learning to read a Skew T by Riss Estes.

Dinner with friends - Will Gadd, Bill Belcourt , Len Szafaryn, Eric Reed, Nate Scales.
Cherie Silvera and Josh Cohn at the other table.

Mike, Gail and Tom Chestnut deliver the task board.

Task meeting.

Woodrat Mountain launch and gliders on the 2nd task day.

Skew T class by Riss.

Rob, Raelynn and Brad.

T White

Todd Wiegand.

Todd making turns.

Let's go flying.

I could grow to like this place.

Road Trip back home.


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