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News and Updates



Finale !!!!

$6224 Raised

For the Santa Barbara County Red Cross
and Hurricane Katrina Victims


Congratulations to the winners!!!!

Final Medallions went to:


Challenge 1 - Combined Total of Three Best Distance Flights

Rigid Wing - Tony Deleo - 41.3 miles

Hang Glider - Bob Anderson - 37.4 miles (34.9 + 10% Bonus on longest flight)

Paraglider - John Kloer 52.7 - miles (50.5 + 10% Bonus on longest flight)

Hang Glider Woman - Anne-Odile Thomas - 12.6 miles

Paraglider Woman - Irene Revenko - 21.8 miles (20.1 + 15% bonus on longest flight)


Challenge 2 - Most Mountain Flights

Andy Palmer - 14 flights


Challenge 3 - Race Course

Hang Glider - John Greynald - Goal in 56:12

Paraglider - Bo Criss - 5.3 miles (4.6 + 15% bonus)


Challenge 4 - Lap Race

Hang Glider - Tony De Groot - 1.8 TP

Hang Glider - John Greynald - 5 TP

Paraglider - Robb Milley - 2.4 TPs (2.1 + 15% Bonus)

Paraglider - Doug Gotthard - 3.5 TPs (3.1 - 10% Bonus)



Challenge 5 - Duration

Doug Gotthard - 3:43:59 (3:23:09 + 10% Bonus)


Challenge 6 - Most Money Raised

Bobbie Bratz - $1000

Irene Revenko - $1630


Challenge 7 - Most Fun

Bob Hurlbett & Dean Stratton


Bonus Medallion

Roger Proksch and Asylum Research - Matching Pledge Funds of $1036.00


Special Thanks to Blood Donors

Doug Gotthard, Bob Hurlbett, John Kloer, Bo Criss, Bob Anderson,
Hansford Cutlip, Robb Milley, John Scott, Irene Revenko


Special Thanks to those who brought in more than $500 in pledges

Irene Revenko - $1630

Bobbie Bratz - $1000

Bo Criss - $720

Robb Milley - $640

Hansford Cutlip - $517.50


Huge Thanks to Final Night Extravaganza

Cord Criss - Artist for the 15 awesome winning medallions

Bill Belcourt of Black Diamond for the 15 awesome headlamps

Peter Wright of the Santa Barbara County Red Cross

Jim Maddox - Awards Ceremony Photographer

Aaron Luckett - Host of the SBXC Challenge Awards Ceremony



Huge Thanks to our Sponsors for Prizes Donated
and Money Donated for the SBXC Challenge Budget

Carol Criss (CJC), Cord Criss (Maker of Medallions), Super Fly, Asylum Research,
Tony Deleo (Realty Executives), MPH Sports, Wills Wing, Paraglider Magazine,
Bob Stratton (Laser Options), Flytec, CompeGPS, Tom Pipkin (Coastal Refridgeration)
The Santa Barbara Soaring Assoc. (SBSA), The South Coast Paragliding Assoc. (SCPA)
Bill Belcourt (Black Diamond), Dean Stratton, Circling Hawk Paragliding


If you enjoyed picking up a prize,
medallion, or the event in general,
please e-mail our sponsors and thank them
for their help in making this a great event.





Week 6

12/16 - Believe it or not, this has been one of the busiest weeks of the Challenge. I've been gathering some nice treats for the party. Black Diamond came through with some great prizes for the medallion winners! Speaking of medallions - my brother came through huge with the medallions. They are too cool for school and I'm not sure if I want to even give them away - even if you won. I have decided not to show them on this page, you will just have to show up to the party.

I still need to post last weekend's flight photos - sorry to those who have submitted photos and thank you.

Today I created the "Big Check" that we will be presenting to Peter Wright of the Red Cross. He will be at the party on Sunday. I've been receiving great news from many pilots this week that the pledges are coming in. It's really going to be fun to see where we are at on Sunday. Please show up on time so that we can tally up the grand total by 6:30 and present the check to Peter just before 7:00pm.

As far as the party goes, Aaron Luckett is rolling some sushi, we are buying pizzas, we will have a very cool cake. If you want to bring a dish - that would be great. Definitely bring your own beverage of choice; we just don't have a budget to cover drinks. See everyone at the DeBruin's on Saturday night and Aaron Luckett's on Sunday - 1010 La Vista Rd, Santa Barbara at 5:30pm.


12/14 - We finally received the CompeGPS software. One lucky prize winner will take it home.


12/14 - Pauline Hsieh and Andy Keller have been in town for a week and they are now off to Baja for some climbing, hiking, surfing and flying. They recently got enganged but haven't set an exact date for their wedding. Andy has been a long time friend, fellow traveller, and Paragliding instructor. Pauline learned to fly last year here in Santa Barbara and Chile and earned her P3 Paragliding rating this week. Pauline works for the US Forest Service on an intial attack crew in the fire service. She spent 2 weeks in Mississippi collaberating with FEMA to help the hurricane victims. Her 20 person fire crew mainly helped by chainsawing and removing broken limbs blocking roads and driveways. They also helped families salvage any useful items. These are some of the sights she saw.


12/14 - I swung by the Santa Barbara County Red Cross and met Peter Wright for the first time face to face. He is very excited about our event and is so thankful for our participation and $$$$. Peter will come by at 6:45 on Sunday to pick up the "Big Check" at the party. I gave Peter $1,415 today in checks and pledges, and I gave him $895 a few weeks ago. That brings our grand total to $2310 so far, and I'm hoping that we greatly increase that number at the awards ceremony. Thanks everyone for pitching in!!!!!


12/14 - From RaeLynn Milley:

Hey Bo,

James and I will donate 10, 10-minute phone cards that you can give away during your awards ceremony or as door prizes at the party, whatever you like. They might come in handy if a pilot lands out someplace and doesn't have change.

RaeLynn Milley
9 Screens International
Marketing Manager for James Lloyd, Professional Speaker

Thanks RaeLynn! That's a nice idea and we thank you and James for your donation.


12/14 - Medallion Winners

Challenge 1 - 3 Longest Distance Flights Added Up

Rigid Wing: Tony Deleo - 41.3 miles
Hang Glider: Bob Anderson - 37.5 miles
Women's Hang Glider: Anne-Odile "Skippy" - 12.6 miles
Paraglider: John Kloer - 52.7 miles
Women's Paraglider: Irene Revenko - 21.3 miles

Challenge 2

Most Mountain Flights

Andy Palmer - 14 Flights

Challenge 3

Race Course, certified by GPS

Hang Glider: John Greynald* - Goal in 56:12
Paraglider: Bo Criss - 2 TPs, 4.6 miles

Challenge 4

Laps Course, certified by GPS

Hang Glider John Greynald* - 5 TPs
Paraglider: Doug Gotthard* - 3.2 TPs

Challenge 5

Longest Duration, certified by GPS

Doug Gotthard* - 3:23:09 + 10% Blood Donation = 3:43:59

Challenge 6

Most money raised for the Santa Barbara County Red Cross and Hurricane Victims.

???? - Currently Bobbie Bratz leads with $830

Challenge 7

Have the Most Fun

???? - Could it be you? Bob Hurlbett, Bobbie Bratz, Tony and Skippy, Robb Milley, Tony Deleo, Tom Hampton, Hansford Cutlip, John Scott, Irene Revenko, Bob Anderson and Aaron Luckett have all gone huge - Thanks for everyone's fantastic participation.

* As stated at the beginning of the SBXC Challenge - You can only win in one category. Congratulations to Doug Gotthard and John Greynald for winning two. We will be awarding 2 other pilots for 2 categories - could it be you? Show up and find out!


12/13 - Google Earth for Macintosh came out a few days ago and it is awesome! See a map to the SBXC Challenge Party, 5:30pm Sunday, at Aaron Luckett's House from Mapquest, Google Earth, photo I took on Saturday and a recreation of my photo in Google Earth. What an amazing program - I saw Brazil, Peru, Chile, France, Nepal, India, Tiger Mountain, Santa Barbara and Dodge City, Kansas all today.


12/12 - Lots of pilots on launch this weekend, unfortunately the sun didn't show up as well as we would have hoped. We counted about 40 pilots on Alternator launch on Saturday and almost the same on Sunday. With the cloud cover we experienced in Santa Barbara, pilots found generally smooth air and light conditions that gave way to nice extended sled rides with gaggles over West Bowl - something we don't get to see very often here in Santa Barbara.

Generally the medallion winners held their positions. One big change occurred. John Kloer has put together the most mileage for 3 flights. I don't have the final number, but he had a 12 mile flight on Sunday in Ojai that gave him the final lead for Challenge #1 in the Paraglider division. Congratulations John!

Another exciting bit of news - Robb Milley is the first participant to earn a 15% bonus. Robb gave blood last week and last night at the SCPA Christmas Party, Robb gave me $530 in checks for the Red Cross and Hurricane Victims - Way to Go Robb !!! Thanks for taking on the higher challenges of our Challenge. Robb also talked to me about the weather station he is working on for Pine Mountain - it's going to be really great! Robb is a quiet hero in our community and I thank him for all of his efforts. I'm planning on pitching a few bucks over to Robb to help make "Rhonda" not such a financial burden for just one pilot.

Word on the mountain is - Bobbie Bratz is looking good to gather at least $1000 in pledges - thanks for all your efforts Bobbie.

I will be updating the flightlog page, news and events and photo gallery by tomorrow night - after I recover a little from presenting the event. It's been a lot of fun and Dean and I want to thank all of you for your participation. We're looking forward to celebrating everyone's work and fun this weekend at Aaron Luckett's on Sunday at 5:30pm. We should have a good party and awards ceremony - hope you all can attend. More details to follow.




© Circling Hawk Paragliding • Santa Barbara, California • Bo Criss • 805-403-5848 •


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