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Flying is Like a Dream

Paragliding is an amazing experience. It is difficult to put into words the excitement of flying free as a bird. It is a dream we have as children and now we have the opportunity to go flying today!

We offer a program that is built to give you the most information available and exercises to build your skills in a thorough manner. We start on the first day with a mountain tandem. We will meet at the LZ (Landing Zone) and complete a bit of paperwork. We will walk the field and plan our approach. Then its on up the mountain we go. On launch we will start to understand the appropriate weather we will be looking for. We will plan a route, get strapped in, and take our first flight together. We believe this approach will open your understanding to what is truly important as we take the next steps.

Next we'll work in the simulator, learning correct posture and terms for coordinating launch, turns and landings smoothly.

Now it is time for you to strap in and learn to inflate the glider overhead and control its direction. This is called Kiting and is a very fun process. We will work on short flights with an emphasis on smooth transitions into flight and thoughtful landing approaches.

Throughout our lessons, we will be visiting a number of launches and landing zones both in the mountains and along the coast. These experiences will be of great benefit after you have earned your rating.

Our course involves a minimum of 8 hours of ground school. We will be learning about weather, glider maintenance, aerodynamics, soaring concepts, maneuvers understanding, reserve parachute use and what hazards to avoid.

We take great pride in building the best pilots possible. We offer unlimited lessons to ensure that you feel completely at ease. All future ratings are covered as well with the full course fee. We will build your skills, your understanding and help shape the safe attitudes to ensure a lifetime enjoyment of this awesome sport.

P1 (Beginner) Requirements
and Recommendations

P2 (Novice) Requirements
and Recommendations

P3 (Intermediate) Requirements
and Recommendations

P4 (Advanced) Requirements
and Recommendations

Special Skills Endorsements

First Day Lesson Price is $175

The P2 course is $1400 and offers unlimited lessons. Most students earn their P2 rating in 8-10 lessons.

Call 805-403-5848 or e-mail today to get started on your lessons.

Pete's Perspective

Gift Certificates

Novice Program

• Start with a mountain tandem flight to understand what will be needed

• Unlimited lesson package dedicated to skills mastery

• 8 hours of ground school

• Focus on clean inflations, smooth transition into flight, solid flight plan, and thoughtful landing approaches

• Thorough kiting practice

• Generally 35 flights

• P1 and P2 testing

• $1400

Circling Hawk Paragliding

© Circling Hawk Paragliding • Santa Barbara, California • Bo Criss • 805-403-5848 • Bo@CirclingHawk.com



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