January 24 & 25, 2004

Tania's Artwork

The Crew on launch.
Doug, Bill, Pete, Hansford, Bill, Greg, Bo, Irene, Larry, Marian, Brad
We're missing Bob the Photographer

Let's Fly!

Irene prepares pilots XC kit

Bob on deck.

Bill preparing to launch.

Larry launches.

Thermal over West Bowl. Oh yeaaaah!!!

Doug coming back to launch from West Bowl.

Doug is up and eventually makes goal with Greg Brown. Congratulations!
The task: Alternator - West Bowl - Alternator - La Cumbre - R&R - Cathedral - Cienaguitas

Greg over Cathedral on route to goal! Congratulations!

Speedbar to Goal!!!

Irene offers hot chocolate and a warm home.

Circling Hawk Paragliding

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