Site Hazards Beyond the Obvious

Powerlines - Hard to see at times especially in foreign countries

Rotor / Mechanical Turbulence - Hills, Trees, Cliff rotor, Buildings, Vehicles

Other Pilots - Mid air possibility (understand right of way rules), Wake turbulence, Other aircraft (see and avoid)

Terrain Clearance - Turning back towards launch or other hills (360's), Hugging terrain especially in thermic conditions.

Footing - Loose dirt, Uneven terrain, Holes on launch or the landing zone.

Landing Zones - Size of landing zone, thermic activity in L.Z., Glide distance to L.Z., Fences bushes and other obstructions, Catabatic flow (different wind direction in L.Z. versus launch)

Water Landings - Moving water is extremely dangerous even 6". Carry a hook knife.

Changing Weather - Approaching storms, Increasing winds, Catabatic flow,

Wind direction and speed Thermic Conditions - Mid-day, strength of base wind versus thermal gust, High versus low pressure systems, Lapse rate, 24 hour temperature change, Puddle temperatures, Strength of thermal, Wind speed

Emotional State - Why are you flying, Personal issues, Ego - keeping up with _____, Camera on you (Kodak courage), Impressing someone, Take a moment before each flight to be sure

Physical State - Recent injury, Hungry, Thirsty, Tired, Sick, On medication, Under influence of drugs or alcohol

FAA Guidelines - Airspaces, Cloud considerations, 1000' over congested area, NOTAM's, Opening ARSA

Skill Level - Don't overpush your skills envelope, Don't try more than one new thing (new site, new wing, new harness, new skill), Experience with thermalling, Experience with Aerobatics

Community Guidelines - Landing on private property, Certain neighbors (round house), Schools during hours of operation, Certain public spaces (Wilcox - not between cliffs, East Beach - around corner), Keep a low profile.

Other countries - Language issues, Hospital facilities, Rescue, Insurance (DAN), Retrieval

Emergency - Phone, Radio, First aid kit, Distance to civilization, Signal mirror, Whistle, Tree kit, First aid training, CPR training


Wing - Performance/stability, annual inspection for porosity, line break strength, line stretch, riser stretch

Harness - Back protection, side protection, worn stitching, reserve velcro check

Reserve - Recent repack, reserve pin check

Helmet - Quality

Circling Hawk Paragliding

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