When February 21 - March 6. Leave the USA on February 20 and fly to Belo Horizonte the following day. We'll pick you up curbside at the airport to start the adventure. Leave from Belo on March 6th and arrive back home on March 7th.

Where Paraglide in Belo Horizonte, Governador Valadares and Pancas, Brazil.

Why Because the thermals are soft and plentiful, the food is great, the price is right and the scenery is spectacular.

With Whom Bo Criss, Andy Keller and Brad Gunnuscio. We are limiting the trip to 12 clients and 3 instructors.

What's Included Van pickup at airport, Brazilian guide, hotels for 13 nights which includes breakfast (everyone gets their own room when we are in GV), travel by van within Brazil, daily rides to launch, retrieval service, thermal and cross-country training seminars and guiding service.

Not Included Airfare, lunches and dinners.

How Much $1800 and if we get 7 or more participants the price will drop to $1700

What Else is Needed You must have a current US Passport, Brazilian Visa, Current USHGA Pilot Rating and membership card, 2 meter Hamm radio, Wing, harness and reserve all in good condition, Health insurance.

Other Recommendations Traveller's insurance and med-evacuation insurance are strongly recommended. Vaccinations are a personal choice to be considered. A small Brazilian Portuguese dictionary and grammer guide can come in handy. Being current with your launching and landing skills is very important. A GPS can come in handy for retrieve situations. A recent repack of your reserve parachute is always a good idea when travelling - Bo, Andy and Brad can help down in Brazil. Sunblock and lots of batteries. Did I mention sunblock?

Payment and Cancellation Policy A 50% deposit is required to reserve a place. Full payment is required 20 days to departure (February 1, 2006). 25% of cost is non-refundable if cancellation is within 1 month of departure. We recommend that you purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance to cover yourself. You can obtain this from any travel agent.

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Bo Criss, 805-403-5848, e-mail
Brad Gunnuscio, 801-706-2491, e-mail
Andy Keller, 828-712-7643, e-mail

many more details to follow...


Brazilian Culture

Brazil's Flag
Brazil's flag is a deep green banner with a yellow diamond enclosing a night-blue, star-studded Southern Hemisphere sky. The sky depicts 27 white, five-pointed stars (one for each state and the Federal District); the stars are arranged in the pattern of the night sky over Rio de Janeiro on November 15, 1889 (this is the date when the last Emperor of Brazil, Dom Pedro II, was deposed, and the republic was proclaimed). A banner across the sky reads, "ORDEM E PROGRESSO," which means "order and progress" in Portuguese.


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