What's up with the name?

When I was 12 years old, I went to summer camp as a boy scout. I went through a ceremony and was told to look for a sign. When it came time to give myself an Indian name, I had seen a hawk flying and circling about 500 feet overhead. I decided to call myself Circling Hawk. When I went to register the name, it had been taken in 1934. The register suggested adding the word gentle and I became Gentle Circling Hawk. Later my little brother became Little Gentle Circling Hawk. I have always wanted to fly like a bird and I am grateful to those who pioneered paragliding so that we can enjoy flying and circling with the birds. It was an easy question to answer when I wanted to name my paragliding school. Circling Hawk Paragliding has long been in my heart. By the way I did make "Eagle Scout" thanks to Mom, but that name was already taken by another school.

Bo Criss


The Good Omen

The last four years of my life I have been faced with very difficult and life altering decisions. As I would step off that cliff not knowing where I would land, I had an amazing thing start to happen. A hawk would appear and circle above me or as I was driving it would fly along side me. This has become an overwhelming experience for me. When I start to doubt myself and what I am doing, a hawk will appear just long enough to bring me the peace and confidence that I am at the right place at that moment. After all that is what I have come to believe life is......letting go, facing your fears and making decisions that put you in the right place at each moment.

Beci Gregory

Circling Hawk Paragliding