Pine Mountain

July 30-31, 2005

Pine launch on a busy blue day.

Peanut gallery looking on at Ron and Bob ridge soaring.

Dean pulls up in a "nice" cycle...

The "nice" cycle was "really nice" as Dean hangs on.

Searching for the lift.

Dean out over Rose Valley near Reyes Peak.

Launch flowers and a glider speckin out.

Bob off launch.

Working the Bonzaii thermal.

Brenden feeling the love.

Bob working it.

Bob breaking through.

They don't call it Pine for nothing.

John checking out the paragliders progress.

John sends it.

Dean leading out to Dry Canyon.

Looking east from Lockwood Valley.

Cloud development behind Mt. Pinos.

Felt like I had left planet Earth.

The Great Crossing from Mt. Pinos out towards Bakersfield.

Looking back at where I had come from. Glad I didn't land out.

The edge of "civilization". That is the IKEA warehouse along the I-5.

The I-5 / 99 split. No lift believe it or not. Not a bump.

Landed near a field 13 miles from Bakersfield.

The long retrieve, thanks Brenden and fellow hucksters.

Next day I landed near the Ranger station, 7 miles short of the I-5.

Eddie guiding Hansford to his longest flight with highest altitudes. Great job Hansford!

Frazier Peak kicking off a few raspy clouds, it was a bumpy flight.

Pine flights August 7, 2005

Pine flights August 13 & 14, 2005

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