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Specs, DHV 1, Press, Manual

Easy to Fly
Gin's principle design consideration was to give pilots discovering paragliding a glider which is easy to fly, comfortable and of course, extremely safe.

Craftmanship and Dedication...
Gin has dedicated one and a half years to developing this amazing new wing, and has flown hundreds of hours with prototypes until he was satisfied it was absolutely right, as he imagined it.

• an easier take off with lighter inflation.
• a flatter turn with a better sink rate.
• more precision in turns and a more 'compact' feeling wing : more efficient in thermals.
• canopy adjustment for a fine shape.
• 3 main "A" lines
• a new fabric finish E85A for the Porcher New Skytex fabric, which offers greater performance and durability, and also reduces fabric weight, improving launch, security and re-inflation.
• water-based and environmentally friendly coating




"off-road" wing...
The essential know-how of Gin Gliders is concentrated in this wing, the youngest member of the family. The Zulu is the <<off-road>> wing..

To fly 100%...
A skilful mixture of glide and handling, intended for pilots with modest experience or the old thermal hunters who never tire of flight. Whenever we fly, we often meet different and varying aerological conditions.. If you're uncomfortable, you lose your confidence easily and with it a loss of motivation which leads you directly to land. To fly 100% in all situations, the Zulu instils trust, comfort and enables you to enjoy your flight.

GIN Keel system...

the Zulu comes with a new and striking design feature:
the Gin Keel System was developed to enhance directional stability by using a keel pocket with centralized line attachment points. The new system also means: more precise piloting with weight shift, increased sensations in thermalling, easy handling without yaw movement, increased pitch stability and comfort in flight.

• DULV certification for paramotor use in sizes M and L with special trim risers delivered as an option.

• DHV 1-2 ::: 4 sizes

Specs, DHV 2, Press

Crossing the countries...
More than one year of development for Gin and his factory test pilots to achieve this new high performance wing, certified DHV2.
Hundreds of hours in flight and kilometers of cross country in various countries well known for XC potential: Texas, Mongolia, Switzerland, France, Austria and others well known for their difficult conditions: Japan, Korea, Portugal.

High Performance
The objective for Gin was to create a new high performance wing which is able to swallow kilometers quickly, safely and easily.

Real XC Wing!
• All 4 sizes are DHV2 certified.
• A real XC wing, with competition performance
• An easy inflation in all conditions and simple to manage during take off
• In flight the pilot and the Zoom quickly become one:
from the first turns in thermals, the feel of the glider is easy to understand; how to handle weightshift and brakes to incline the wing for the best efficiency quickly becomes second nature.
• The GIN Touch , the trademark of our designer which makes our gliders different: the special synthesis between pilot and glider, GIN pilots know what we mean.


Specs, DHV 2

New Line Technology...
In partnership with Edelrid, Gin Gliders have developed an exclusive new thin competition line coated with UV protection. The same type of un-sheathed line used on the Boomerang is given a special UV treatment to protect against the sun. Unlike normal competition lines, which have to be replaced automatically every 100 hours, the new line will last much longer and just needs checking every 100 hours like normal sheathed Aramid lines used on serial gliders.

A revolution in paragliding competition line technology!
With this new material, Gin Gliders launch the Zoom Race, which has more perfomance and pleasure with safety !

DHV2 certified...
Zoom Race is DHV 2 for all sizes (XS-S-M-L) with the new comp lines.

Specs, DHV 2, Press

New Wing for Free Style
A new type of wing in our range : The Gangster, 12G Freestyle Glider.. and also DHV 2.

Free Spirit? ...a glider for Free Style!
* A dynamic turn, with a lot of energy, this glider has been designed for free spirits, flying Freestyle.
* A special reinforced canopy and pre-stretched Dyneema lines, the Gangster has been DHV load tested beyond 12G (over 12 times the max. load in flight for the XS, S and M).
* A bit of culture : Traditional Korean mask logo printed on the top of the canopy.

...a glider for Cross Country
* An easy DHV2 glider to fly XC with a fun and safe feeling
* XS, S and M are DHV Class2 certified.
* A high trim speed and an easy to use accelerated speed





Specs, Rigid Foil, Manual

A wing created from experience...
This new competition wing results from an important collaboration between two of the leading designers in paragliding. Since last summer, Gin Seok Song and Robert Graham have pooled their knowledge, ideas and over 40 years combined design experience into the creation of our new competition glider, the jewel of our brand: the Boomerang.

A wing trimmed and tested by experienced competition pilots...
Well respected and proven pilots tested and trimmed the Boomerang 4:

• One World Champion and World Cup Overall winner (Housi Bollinger - CH)
• One double World Cup Overall winner (Jimmy Pacher - CH)
• One of the most experienced World Cup pilots (Kaoru Ogisawa - J)
• Winner of the last World Cup in Mexico '04 (Stephan Wyss - CH)
• World Cup Winning Team members (Norman Lausch - G, Mathias Roten - CH)

These successful pilots know what makes a glider work for them, they know what's needed for that important glider advantage and they have fine tuned these attributes and characteristics into the latest version of GIN's Boomerang.

Completely new wing…
Designed by Gin Seok Song in cooperation with Robert Graham and Jungmok Park the wing is built with a new shape, an aspect ratio close to 7 (6.86 exactly) and new profiles.
15 prototypes were necessary to find the perfect balance of best performance, solid stability, efficient handling and a flyable top speed. The result is a high performance wing with good feeling and the GIN spirit.

U.V. Protection Line Technology...
In partnership with Edelrid and Aerosport a new exclusive competition line was developed. This line is coated with an agent, that protects it against the UV-rays from the sun. The new line will last longer, but must be checked for strength every 100 hours like every other unsheathed Aramid competition line. The new line is colored which makes it much nicer for ground handling and sorting.

Specs, DHV 1-2 Tandem

Made by Many Professional Pilots...
All Gin Gliders' factory test pilots (Ogi, Mathias, Norman, Se Yong, Jimmy and Housi) invested a lot of time to create the "international tandem glider" that will delight all professional pilots.

Focus on Handling
GIN Factory Test Pilots wanted a wing with nice dynamic handling, good for fun and tricks, smooth and light, precise in the turn, thermal biting. A professional tandem, but a wing also made for pleasure.

Easy, Light and Simple to Fly
• Light inflation, and easy take off in all conditions
• Does not overfly and puts the pilot in charge immediately
• Wide weight range, and easy to fly with a light or heavy load
• Light brake pressure
• Smooth and precise turn
• Stable and efficient speed across the weight range
• Easy to land in a small area with a heavy load : final trimming was made in the tight landing fields of Korea
• Trim risers
• Made with the best compromise between strength and weight: a mix of 9092 and 9017, both with the new Porcher coating (E85A) which gives a longer life to your glider.


Specs, DHV, Manual

Ultra-Light Glider!
Over the past few years many pilots have asked GIN for an utra-light mountain glider : the YETI is now ready! During the past few seasons Gin has been working towards developing lighter weight designs for all models in the GIN range. The R&D Team have helped with the development, with GIN Team pilots Will Gadd and Stefan Bocks involved in the preparation for last summer's big event : Red Bull X-Alps. With the experience gained and a strong nostalgic memory of the lightweight bags carried in the early days of paragliging, the R&D team developed a wing weighing less than 4 kg for their own private use and for a few GIN Team pilots climbing mountains

A Jeweler's Work
Refining and perfecting, concentrating on small details, searching for new materials. Developing new assembly techniques for the lines, panels, reinforcements and risers. Testing the strength of each material, each assembly. Making hundreds of flight tests and thousand of load tests,& in brief a real work of art to obtain a 3.7kg (XS size) toy.
The Yeti is made by hand, with each unit assembled by one person, and requires many hours in manufacturing.

Light Material, High Technology
The Yeti is built using a totally new light fabric from PORCHER, with an environmentally friendly coating (9017 E68A). Lines are heat treated and pre-stretched from LIROS. Risers are constructed from dyneema webbing made by the famous sailing supplier BAINBRIDGE.
All other materials used in the construction; tapes, reinforcements and connectors etc. are chosen to achieve the highest performance to weight ratio possible.

From the Bolero Plus
The YETI is a very lightweight version of the Bolero Plus. Hence the safety and in flight bahaviour are like a DHV1 glider, with a bit more speed and more dynamic handling than the Bolero Plus. In brief, a really enjoyable glider to fly : The Bolero Plus has already gained an excellent reputation one of the best gliders in its category.

An impressive inflation and take-off
The Bolero Plus has a very easy take-off : it does not overfly and puts the pilot in charge immediatly.The Yeti retains these characteristics, but its ultra-light weight makes inflation even better! To enable take off from steep slopes or snow, attachement points have been added to the top surface to fix the glider to the ground.

Objective : 5kg, ready to fly...
We are currently finishing the develoment of a new lightweight harness. Coming soon!
The YETI will be supplied with a lightweight rucsac.
Objective : 5 kg total equipment weight (wing, rucsac, harness and carabiners)

There are 2 options for the Yeti:
* yeti and yeti harness have been developped in partnership with Rip'Air (

The MOJO is intended for beginner pilots and those who want stress free flying. With its easy inflation and accessibility, the MOJO is very forgiving to fly and has the easy characteristics typical of a DHV 1 glider. We've combined long brake travel for safety with progressive handling for good turning behaviour; add this to the notably better sink rate and you get great thermalling performance. In flight the MOJO has a smooth feel and is very stable in both pitch and roll, making it feel very comfortable and safe. We've maintained the feedback that is vital if you want to know what the air is doing around you; this is a glider that will safely take you from your first flights to cross country adventures.

Easy Launch Characteristics

No over-shooting, forgiving in pitch
Constant feed back of pressure in the risers during the inflation
Easy control of roll and yaw
Solid leading edge, forgiving of piloting errors
Flying Characteristics

Certified DHV1 (New tests) *
Long brake travel forgiving of imperfect inputs
Significant increase in brake pressure as you approach the stall point
Smooth and progressive handling allowing you to easily control the rate of turn and roll.
Confidence inspiring stability and safety combined with a level of feedback that allows you to learn about the air
Excellent sink rate; top pilots will be jealous of how easily you climb past them!

Here's what the design team members had to say about our new glider:

Dav: "To be able to please everyone has taken us some time. Finally the result is here and I'm really pleased we've managed to combine DHV1 characteristics with the Ozone feeling."

Jerome: "I have been pleasantly surprised by the potential of this wing, it's really accessible. I really enjoy thermalling up on it then doing wing overs with it during the test flights."

Antoine: "Personally I really like the MOJO for it's ease of flying combined with the feeling it gives you. It has a lot of potential to help pilots improve their flying skills, whilst enjoying the safety of this class of wing. Also I like the pitch, it's really smooth and precise "

• Ozone's new concept light-weight glider, Certified DHV 1-2.
• GEO XS weighs 3.9kg, 300-400g increase per size
• Excellent handling and performance with no compromise in safety or weight
• Unsheathed, ultra-light Dyneema lines in the upper cascades increase performance and reduce overall weight

Ozone's aim in developing the Geo was to produce the best handling and performing lightweight glider on the market, while keeping size and weight to a minimum.
The GEO incorporates results from research conducted during the Red Bull X-Alps race, and was developed with feedback from adventure pilots from all over the world who have been demanding more performance and handling with no increase in weight.

The Geo has a similar planform to the Mojo, with a slightly flatter arc to increase glide and sink rate. The aspect ratio was also increased, but not radically, as safety cannot be compromised. After extensive research and testing, unsheathed Dyneema uppers were chosen. The thinness of these lines significantly increased the overall performance of the wing. Top and bottom surfaces are a new light weight Porcher Marine Skytex. The GEO comes standard with ultra-light Spectra risers and an 800 gram, 64 liter pack with ergonomically molded shoulder straps and support system.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of the Geo is that it's easy, and great fun to fly. It is, and always has been, Ozone's philosophy that a wing must be fun to fly- and the GEO is fun, while pushing performance to new high for this type of specialist wing. The GEO is as much at home in the extreme environments of the Himalaya as it is in your daypack on a stroll through the local mountains. Its size and portability means that you can take it virtually anywhere, and its performance means that the Geo will take you further than any other.

You're new to the sport, but already feel that it is going to be a large part of your life, and you know that you plan to pursue paragliding enthusiastically. The Buzz has everything that you need to progress safely through the first years of your career. Even if you plan to fly regularly and improve quickly, you won't outgrow the Buzz too soon.

The Buzz is ideal for enthusiastic and talented beginners, or pilots moving up from a DHV 1 wing who still crave that extra level of security not available in other gliders with DHV 1-2 performance.

The Buzz's handling and performance is ample enough for a new pilots' first years of progression, with absolutely no compromise in safety. The Buzz is designed to be a super-safe glider for pilots who need DHV 1 safety in a wing with DHV 1-2 Performance.

Launching the Buzz is simple in Alpine or Reverse launch style as the wing has no tendency to over-fly the pilot, and there is positive pressure on the risers throughout the range of inflation. Feedback is gentle, without insulating the pilot from the air, allowing newer pilots to learn from the air on every flight. Brake pressure increases significantly towards the end of the range, and the increase in pressure before the spin or stall point is virtually impossible to ignore.

The Buzz is an improvement over the Vibe in every respect including glide, sink rate, speed, stability, and handling.

The Buzz features Ozone's brilliant new three-color design, and is available in 8 combinations.

The Rush was created for the performance pilot who needs DHV 1-2 security. With a higher aspect ratio and more cells than the Buzz, the Rush is closer to the Vulcan in performance while remaining well within the boundaries of the DHV 1-2 class. It features sportier, more dynamic handling than the Buzz, along with a higher speed range.

The Rush is Cross Country Performance with safety and stability. It is a top-end DHV 1-2 with all of the ingredients for long flights; all it needs is a pilot to lead the way. The Rush's launch characteristics are benign for a wing with such performance and dynamic character, and pilots will find that the inflation is simple to control even in higher winds. The wing likes to bite into thermals and the handling is direct and well coordinated, which makes coring even the tightest or most disorganized lift a pleasure. Feedback is transmitted to the pilot in comfortable amounts, and it is feedback that the pilot can understand and use, not just turbulence or noise.

Ozone uses only the finest materials on earth to construct its gliders. The Rush's design and materials were carefully researched and tested to ensure that it will withstand the test of time.

Pilots moving up from a Vibe to a Rush will notice a very significant improvement in every aspect of the gliders' performance: With increased pitch stability in turbulence and a marked tendency to cut through the bumps and bite into lift, the Rush is an entirely different wing, with the same DHV 1-2 rating.

The Rush features Ozone's brilliant new three-color design, and is available in 8 combinations.

The Vulcan has been created to replace the Octane. Designed with the true sports pilot in mind we have managed to produce a wing that outperforms the Octane in all aspects but we have retained the "feeling" that made the Octane so popular.

How did we make it better? We have worked on all aspects of the wing, we have a new profile, which offers more performance throughout the speed range, but interestingly it also offers more pitch stability than before. The plan form has changed significantly to incorporate an increased aspect ratio a smaller tip area and the addition of more cells.

Like all our wings the Vulcan's handling is beautifully refined. We have spent many hours fine-tuning the Vulcan until we got the feeling and precision we were looking for. The Vulcan is quick and nimble in the air and if you initiate a turn using brake and weight shift you will find a wing that reacts amazingly quickly but is very easy to control. This gives you the option to be either very efficient while doing flat turns in light lift or should you want a little excitement, just pull harder and use weight shift and you can wing it over effortlessly.

B2 tabs.
The Vibe was the first wing that we developed with the double B tabs. Now it is a standard feature on all our prototypes and production wings, the Vulcan is no exception. We have found it offers more stability in flight and reduces the pitching effect even further making the wing very comfortable to fly even when it rough and turbulent.

The end result is a wing that retains a dynamic feel but will allow pilots to maximize their performance while feeling comfortable and confident at all times. A wing you can really use and enjoy.

After two years of testing, countless prototypes, and hundreds of hours test flying, the Mantra was born. Our aim was to produce a top-level competition and XC wing, within the DHV 2-3 category and we feel we have achieved this with the Mantra.

The glider's evolution saw several different planforms, many lineplans, and different concepts of sail tension. Finding the right balance between performance and the trademark Ozone handling was difficult, but has been achieved through carefully moderating the amount of sail tension to provide a comfortable feeling in flight, and by creating a turn that is precise and direct, despite the wings' high aspect ratio.

The Mantra provides a sensation of constant lift, whether in a turn, calm air, or turbulence, the glider cuts smoothly through the atmosphere. This is a result of combining a high lift profile and clean, efficient planform to produce the highest performance and sweetest handling wing in this category.

After many prototypes, the profile of the Mantra was chosen for it's ideal sink rate throughout the speed range and it's pitch stability.

The planform of the Mantra is its own new design. Special attention was placed on the wingtips of the glider, which have been designed to allow maximum lift, and minimum interference and drag at higher speeds. Special attention was placed on optimising the sail tension to gain the best balance between safety, handling and comfort. The use of the full span D strap and carefully placed diagonals has allowed us to maintain the tension in the structure of the wing rather than the leading and trailing edges.

Careful selection of materials within the construction of the Mantra has allowed us to fully optimize the design. The Mantra is constructed entirely from Porcher Marine- with a top surface of Porcher 9092 E85A. The riser lines are a special new UV treated line from Edelrid- 8000-230-UV1, 1,2mm in diameter. The line attatchment points have been reduced to a minimum to reduce parasitic drag near the profile for increased glide performance.

The Mantra is incredibly efficient, while retaining high passive safety and precision in flight. Its solid characteristics will inspire confidence in your flying and will carry you to the furthest goals, in the mountains or over the flatlands, anywhere in the world.

The McDaddy is Ozone's glider suitable for use by both professional and pleasure pilots for tandem flight.

It is a culmination of three years extensive research and development, much of which is a result of the feedback and knowledge we gained from Ozone's previous tandem wing, the Cosmic Rider.

Like the Cosmic, the McDaddy has been designed to launch smoothly in either strong or light winds and to be an easy and secure glider to soar with regardless of the payload you're carrying. However, with three years development behind us, and a lot of the technologies we've integrated on the Proton GT, Vibe and Vulcan we're happy to tell you that we've made the McDaddy an even nicer tandem to fly.

Firstly by redesigning the diagonal inter cell bracing and using a completely new line layout we've managed to reduce both the weight and drag of the wing. The McDaddy now weighs only 8.4 kg's instead of the 10.1 kg's that the Cosmic weighed; that's a saving of just over 15%! This reduction in weight helps keep the inertia of the wing down,which makes the glider safer, easier and more forgiving to fly. The reduction of inertia also makes the McDaddy even smoother and more controlled on the ground than the Cosmic was!

These changes have enabled us to build a higher performance profile into the McDaddy than we could on the Cosmic. The result is a higher performing, safer and more comfortable glider all-round.

Finally, we've integrated the same Ozone agility that our customers love into the McDaddy. It now has lighter handling, shorter brake travel and even more of a 'solo glider' feel than we've managed to put in to a tandem before. The McDaddy comes equipped with Trimmers allowing you to fine tune the wing to your personal style and feel. The McDaddy is available in two sizes, so you can choose a wing that will best suit your normal pay load, the conditions you normally fly in and the type of flying you do, whether it be purely pleasure or commercial flying.

Light, comfortable, precise and easy to fly, the GinGo is the new harness for all pilots.

• DHV certified
• 3 click buckles with T-lock safety system
• Under-seat rescue container
• New back protection "GinSoft II"
• Delivered with carabiners
• Light weight : 4 kg (without back protection)
• Sizes: S, M, and L






Sleek, aerodynamic and comfortable: a harness that perfectly reflects GIN design aesthetic.

Suitable for a wide range of pilot levels, this harness will give you maximum pleasure with minimum fuss.

Supplied with full dorsal and lateral protection and footstrap; the 19cm "GinSoft" airbag is DHV certified to 19G.

Sizes: M, L and [new] XL.

Weight: 5.1Kg (without back protection)
Weight of back protection: 2.3Kg

New XC harness Genie III!
lighter, sleek, more aerodynamic and comfortable.

The new XC harness from Gin Gliders is ready! The new Genie III is lighter in weight than it's predecessor, the famous Genie II, and incorporates all new Gin R&D technology to give a compact harness for pilots looking for performance, comfort and highly precise piloting..

. 2 strap automatic buckles: Safety T-bar system
. Under-seat rescue container
. New back protection GinSoft 14 supplied as an option
. New side protection as an option
. Delivered with GIN automatic carabiners
. Weight: 4.4Kg (without back protection)

• Size: S-M-L

S < 175cm
M 170 - 185cm
L > 185cm

(*) the height information in the table is for reference only, and it can be changed to weight and flying conditions.


The new competition / cross country harness from Gin is ready; a new step forward in technical features and finish for advanced flights.
Developed by the Italian brand Woody Valley and the R&D team of Gin Gliders, this harness is designed for pilots who want performance with comfort of flight for cross country and competition.

• Many possibilities of trimming to find the best handling.
• New belt system to increase the precision of the turn in climbing
• Pilot with all your body! The new belt system gives you more feeling and feedback from your wing
• Designed to match perfectly with your body in each position of flight: thermaling, transition, accelerated
• High level of quality finish: each detail was studied without limitation of possibilities
• We have minimized the weight but kept the essential for this high level harness
• Numerous small pockets for long flights
• Footstrap
• Bottom mounted rescue parachute
• Back protection included, Optional side protection
• DHV Homologated
• Sizes : M-L-XL
• Weight : 5.2 kg (for the large size)

Ultra-Light Convertible Harness/Bag...
The bag becomes an harness, and the harness becomes a bag to join your YETI.
Sizes: M, L and [new] XL.

• Weight: 1.1kg, .7kg when sold without convertable bag
• Optional choice of YETI
• Delivered with the fitting carabiners
• Yeti and yeti harness have been developped in partnership with Rip'Air

Kortel Kamasutra

This harness allows the pilot to fly in all positions with no adjustments required to change from one position to another. This is accomblished by the "KARVE System", a unique system of load distribution by sliding straps. The factory settings are ideal and the contact of the harness with the back is perfect, resulting in an exceptional level of comfort in all positions. For those that prefer a seated position a limiting strap allows the pilot to lock the position of the harness at any time and to return to a standard setting.


• Two buckle "V" clip in, with integrated non-forgettable clip-in system and adjustable roll damping.
• Foot stirrup adjustable in the air, can be used to help turn the glider.
• Accelerator connected to the foot stirrup by an elastic cord allowing it to be brought into action quickly without using hands.
• Roll damping independent of chest strap setting and adjustable in flight.
• Independent pocket for a water bottle and/or radio in the back pocket. Two external side pockets.
• Direct access from the back pocket to the shoulder for a drink delivery tube and/or radio microphone cable.
• Reserve parachute pocket under the seat; handle on the right.
• Back Protector : 15 cm Mousse Bag divided into 3 independent sections.
• Sizes S, M, and L
• Delivered with: foot stirrup, accelerator, mousse bag, reserve parachute handle and reserve parachute bridles.

Kortel Kanibal

A racing harness designed for high performance and competition flying.

• Incorporates The "KARVE System"
• Chest strap built in to instrument holder.
• The instrument holder can be used as a ballast with a variable capacity of 4 to 9 litres.
• Independent leg straps.
• Adjustable and/or disengageable ABS.
• Foot stirrup adjustable in the air, can be used to help turn the glider.
• Accelerator connected to the foot stirrup by an elastic cord allowing it to be brought into action quickly without using hands.
• ABS adjustable independently of chest strap setting.
• Yaw dampening and upper shoulder support.
• Option 1 - Variable capacity ballast (3 to 9 litres) with integrated chest strap
• Option 2 - Cockpit with after flight instrument protector (capacity : approximately 3 litres)
• Option 3 - Classic style chest strap
• Option 4 - Removable cocoon (coming soon)
• Reserve parachute pocket under the seat; handle on the right.
• Mousse Bag : 10 cm divided into 3 independent sections.
• Sizes S, M, and L
• Delivered with: foot stirrup, accelerator, mousse bag, reserve maillons, parachute handle, ballast and reserve parachute bridles.

Quicker Opening Time...
Based on the Pull Down Apex design, the ONE G uses an innovative strap system which linked each panel for a quicker opening time.*
ONE G #42 : 3.4 sec
ONE G #38 : 2.9 sec

Better Sink Rate...
ONG G is much more stable with an incredible sink rate, compared to the previous GIN rescue*
ONE G #42 : 4.5 m/sec
ONE G #38 : 4.3 m/sec

Lighter to carry...
One of the main objectives during the development was to make it as light as possible, and the result is;
ONE G #42 : 2.4kg
ONE G #38 : 2.1kg

More stable...
The ONE G certification results show an oscillation less than 10 degrees from the vertical axis*

2 Sizes...
ONE G has wider range of weight in flight than the previous GIN rescue.
ONE G #42 : 100 - 130 kg (42m2)
ONE G #38 : 80 - 100 kg (38m2)

Homologation : CEN

*Certification measurements at max. weight

Intended usage – Paragliding
Shell – Full Face Helmet and Open Face Helmet, made from Carbon-Kevlar
Ventilation – front and top vents, wide lateral openings
Additional features – Ultra wide peripheral vision
Sizes available – S, M, L, XL (+XS in white only)

Introducing LAZER Helmets

Established in 1919, LAZER Helmets, with headquarters in Belgium, designs, manufactures and markets its bicycle, motorcycle and leisure helmets in more than 40 countries, over 5 continents.

LAZER Helmets, which are developed for both top sport and recreational activities, are the result of over 80 years of experience and passion to find an excellent synergy between safety, comfort and design. LAZER Helmets is one of the oldest and most innovating helmet manufacturers in the world.

The dynamism of our sponsored teams, our worldwide presence and a complete range of market-approved motorcycle, bicycle and other sports safety helmets have enabled this Belgian company to become one of the 'Great Helmet Brands’.

Today, LAZER Helmets is one of the flagships of IMAG, the “International Motorcycle and Accessories Group”, the uncontested European leader in sport safety helmets. Being part of IMAG has brought the opportunity for new inspiration and access to additional means, which will continuously enable us to progress even more quickly and efficiently, for the good of our customers.

Each LAZER helmet is subjected to thorough tests in order to meet the strictest international safety standards, and benefits from the application of rigorous, systematic quality control measures.

LAZER Helmets stands for the passion of performance.

Enjoy your sport with the safety, comfort and design that LAZER Helmets offers you.

Circling Hawk Paragliding

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