Paragliding Nationals 2006

Sun Valley, Idaho

August 27th - September 2nd


Brad, Ben, Bo and Dean on Brad's Birthday

Map of the 5 tasks, winners, distance and time

Abe Laguna - Winner Task 2

Andy Macrae

Bill heads out after crossing Trail Creek Summit


Landing out

Bo is 5th to Goal on on Task 5

Brad waits for launch conditions

Sun Valley chairlift

Reading the previous days results

Chuck Smith getting it done as Meet Organizer - Thanks Chuck!!!

A daunting task of climbing the scree field

The view after climbing the scree field

Dale Covington packs up at Goal on day 1

Dave Prentice - Winner of task 4 and 3rd overall at the end of the competition

Davis Straub - meethead

Dean flexes at Goal after placing 4th on task 1 - Dean ended up 5th overall at the end of the competition

Ben, Gary, Roger and Dean celebrate the first task

Jaunito and his beautiful family

Stretching out final glide on task 4

Ben on the day before the comp started, nice sky

Gaggle waiting for the start

Approaching goal on the last task

Goal on task 1

Happy retrieve with Michelle and Billy

Billy always turning it up a notch

Hayden Glatte at Goal on task 5

Honza at goal task 1

Honza and Eric Reed. Eric won task 5

Honza's morning map briefing - the best part of the 2006 nationals organization - Thanks Honza!!!

Random Idaho buiding

On glide over the Smokies on task 5

Irena at Goal task 1

Jack landing out

Josh Cohn suiting up with Oxygen. Josh won task 1

Josh Waldrop on launch as Brad Gunnuscio soars

Chuck greets me at Goal for task 5

Downtown Ketchum

Lava fields 30 miles south of Sun Valley

Mark Gaskill our scorekeeper - Thanks Mark!!!

Matt Dadam winner of task 3 and 2006 National Champion

Nicole and Brett Z. Nicole is the 2006 Women's Champion

Climbing with a few gliders over the Smokies on task 1

Retrieve task 1

Redbull Pinzgaur at goal on task 3. I drove there to retrieve a few amigos.

Red Bull tent in the LZ

Ryan prepares for a sunny flight

Glide over the Smokies on task 5

A spectator looks on as gliders start climbing

Looking back down Trail Creek Road towards Ketchum

Susan Dyer - Launch coordinator and retrieve driver extraordinair - Thanks Susan!!!

The task committee - Matt, Nate, Honza and meethead Davis - Thanks task committee!!!

Gliding over to the Boulders on task 1

Andy Palmer crossing across Ketchum on task 3

Hiking down to launch

The winners - left to right - Brian Webb 2nd, Dave Prentice 3rd, Matt Dadam 1st.

Evel attempted to jump the Snake River in Twin Falls 2 miles down river from the bridge.

Ben surveys the 480 foot high bridge

Boating out to the bridge LZ

Miles and his bridge

Miles instructs below the bridge

Ben and Keith before their jumps

Ben getting psyched to jump

Getting a good look

Miles surveys the howling wind below

Ben strips for his jump

The group gets ready

Keith climbs over the railing

Nicole twists around to face out from the bridge


Abe jumps the Bridge

Miles and Ben after the jump

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