Cessna 150

Ben Haug Piloting

April 9, 2007

Ben Haug became a certified pilot April 5, 2007.

Here's today's aircraft, a 2 seater Cessna 150.

Ben takes care of the preflight checklist.

Taking off at the Santa Barbara Airport with a slight crosswind from the west.


Right after launch we turn right and have a view of the UCSB campus and coastline.

Ben takes care of communications - it's a whole other language.

Highway 101 and Goleta crops.

We climb at a rate of 500 feet per minute as we cruise up the coast.

It's a beautiful view down the coast with the spring flowers.

We cross over the Santa Ynez Mountains on our way to the Santa Ynez Airport, Lake Chumash is on the other side.

We've cleared our first hurdle.

Ben sets up our downwind leg into the small airport.

Right on target, but we had a few thermal bumps before landing.

Santa Ynez Airport has a small office.

We pumped about 18 gallons for $70. Ben is retracting a line used to ground the plane while fuelling.

Ready for action.

Winds increased in Santa Ynez from light west to about a steady 15 mph as we took off.

Climbing out on an east heading, we flew by Lake Cachuma.

We decided to run down the Santa Barbara range, and crested the ridge at the 154 highway.

This is the San Marcos VOR.

Ben enjoyed using the GPS and seeing the Class C airspace indicated on the unit.

We flew by Alternator, the picture makes it look like we were low, but it's a zoom from a couple miles out.

Here we're looking over West Bowl at an altitude in which you can see our LZ at Cieneguitas.

Passing LaCumbre Peak and the Cathedral Spine.

Atop the Thermal Factory. The mountains were blocking the 20 mph WNW wind allowing the clouds to form and hang out.

Cruising past Montecito Peak.

A bit of cloud carpet as we cruise downrange.

Further down we circled over Whiteledge to gain altitude before heading over the backcountry to Pine Mountain.

The rockbands are nice along this part of the range.


Here's Pine Mountain launch in the foreground. Dry Gulch and Brush Mountain are in the background.
We were able to thermal over and in front of the ridge at about 1000 feet per minute.

Looking east you can see Reyes Peak in the foreground, Lockwood Valley in the Center left,
and Frazier Mountain in the background (center right).

Going back to the front range, it's a bit of no man's land. Below and close is Monte Arido leading to Old Man Mountain.
There was definitely a bit of turbulence as the 20 mph headwind rolled over the back country with thermals popping.

Quite a bit smoother as we popped over the front range. Castle Ridge is in the foreground.

On the homestretch, smooth ride. Ben contacted the tower about here for his approach.

Home sweet home. The Riviera in the forground, Parma behind the strut, Westbowl, Cathedral, LaCumbre & RR peaks.

A good look at the Santa Barbara Mission.

A nice view of Cieneguitas, the 154 highway and the VOR peak on the right.

Base leg of our approach to the airport.

The building we are about to fly over is where I work - Asylum Research.
Fun to fly over it, since I always hear planes coming overhead when graphic designing.

Last seconds before a smooth touchdown.

Here we are taxying back.

Just wondering if Ben's heading towards flying this one next?

Thanks Ben for a great scenic flight!

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