Brazil 2006

GV, Pancas, Alfedo Chavez, Castelo

Feb 18 - March 14

Going XC from Governador Valadares.

Andy Keller, Kim Floyd and I atop the Ibitaruna in Governador Valadares. Hard not to smile.

An inviting sky.

Brad Gunnuscio thermals up off launch.

Competition day. It was hard to just watch.

Kim on the house thermal. We had a great time.

Kim leading the charge to Era Nova and beyond.

Looking back at launch.

Looking ahead - the perfect day.

Thumbs up all around. Brazil.

Little helpers.

Chuva - one rain storm passes and another approaches.

Cachoeira do Porto.

Pancas flight.

Alfredo Chavez flight.

Kim soaring above Castelo Valley.

Kim setting up approach in Castelo.

Kids in Pancas LZ.