Rio 2007

The night turns on in Rio as seen from the Pao de Acucar (Sugarloaf) 396 meters above the Atlantic Ocean.

A day at Copacabana beach.

All day long the beer, icecream, shrimp, hat, t-shirt, jewelry, and bikini vendors come by.

20 Reals, about $10 US will get you a bikini.

A crowded Copacabana Beach the weekend after Carnaval ends.

CCopacabana Beach in the setting sun.

Copacabana Palace.

Ipanema beach palms.

Night fisherman on Ipanema beach.

Christ the Redeemer.

The view from the top. The prominent rock feature is "Sugarloaf".

Maracana - the largest soccer stadium in the world seen from Corcovado mountain.

The weather changed quickly and I got a bit of rain.

With the rain comes rainbows.

Hang Gliding from the 510 meter Pedra Bonita down to Pepino Beach.

Tandem hang pilots earn their keep as they encourage their passenger to run, run, run off the ramp.

Pilots hang out under the hang ramp and wait for conditions to improve.

A swiss pilot prepares for flight.

Carter, an airline pilot from Florida, learned to fly here in Rio.

Rudi, a pilot from Belgium takes off.

A swiss pilot enjoys the smooth air.

I took a scenic sled ride.

A bit over the Atlantic on my approach. The Christ statue is on the fartherst hill in the next valley
and can be seen in the center of this picture. On a good day pilots will fly to the statue and back.

SOL, a Brazilian paraglider manufacturer, windsock at the beach.

Tandem paragliding in Rio.

A well manicured LZ in Rio.

Capoeira practice in the landing zone.

An inventive man has built a pneumatic shutter release on a lightweight boom for tandem pilots.

You couldn't pay me enough to be a Rio bus driver.

Another option is the Metro.

I went looking for camera equipment. Sebastian, in yellow, was my downtown tour guide.




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