Retrieve Gems 2007


The adventure starts over after landing.

Lush green fields due to the February rains. Not a bad idea to land on a high spot.

Tree of Life.

I had a small creek crossing.

And met some fishermen casting nets.

Good group of guys.

Powerlines are a major concern when choosing your LZ.

Beautiful spot to land, but I wish I could have connected with that cloud street.

My pit crew. Notice Felipe who is the 2nd from the right.

Almost always greeted by a couple of out of breath teenage boys wanting to earn a couple Reals for packing up your wing.

Felipe again, in the middle.

Having them carry the bag freed up the photographer.

Not a far flight, but a memorable one.

Felipe again on the back of the bike.

Waiting for the bus, eventually you will see everything.

Vagner gave me a lift after my longest flight. The sun was setting and I was in the boonies. He took me back to the main road.

Abel had dropped me off at launch. I flew for an hour and a half and when I was all packed up, there he was - unbelievable luck!

The Rio Doce bus station about 50 km from launch.

Coming home.

This father and son picked me up while hitchhiking and then gave me a tour of their family's spaghetti factory.





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