Parati 2007

Igreja Santa Rita in the colonial seaside village of Parati.

The quaint town of Parati is located between Rio and Sao Paulo on the coast. It is the farthest west city in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
It served as an important port as miners and supplies headed for the gold mines and gold was shipped to Europe.

Parati is about 5 hours west of the city of Rio de Janiero. The coast is magnificent.

The irregular coblestone streets flood at certain times of the year.

The streets reminded me a bit of Venice, Italy with a maze of quaint streets and outdoor cafes.

This store sells cachaca, a high proof sugarcane alcohol used in the making of caipirinhas - lime, sugar, ice and cachaca.

Excellent street folk music.

The best Capoeira performance I've seen. Capoeira originated as an African martial art developed by slaves to fight their masters.
The art was prohibited by the slave owners which forced the slaves to practice it in hiding. In an attempt to disguise this
act of defiance from authorities, capoeira was developed into a kind of acrobatic dance.

The town was celbrating 340 years of existance with fireworks and a great party the night I was there.

The water was warm and the cerveja cold.

Boats will take you out to secluded islands for the day.

Kids jumping from a bridge.

Beach paddleball, soccer, volleyball, swimming, and sunbathing dominate the lazy days.

Old map I found at the Cultural Museum.

The museum was top notch. The cubes mounted on the ceiling contained small cultural objects of interest with description.
It was a wonderful experience for me to partake in such a beautiful celebration of Brazilian life.

On the walls you can see backlit photos and videos with headsets allowing the viewer to hear stories from Brazilian
natives in Brazilian Portuguese or English. The photos reflected Brazil's very diverse populous - a true melting pot.

I rented a bicycle and headed inland.

Committed to see the waterfalls.

A friendly game of snooker. Each team tries to shoot thier 4 balls in before the other team.

This is an amazing waterfall the locals like to "surf". This is accomplished by running full speed then sliding down the very
slippery algea covered rock. Pedro was excellent at spinning, sliding, and jumping.




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