GV Launch 2007


The afternoon sky consists of mature cumulous and nice cloud streets.

This is our driver - Abel. He is a hang glider pilot that makes part of his living from driving pilots to launch.
Everyday he would pick us up at our hotel at 10:00am. He has a hang glider roof rack on his car that resembles
a ladder. We would place 4 paragliders on the top and buckle in.

Generally we would need to stop to get gas. At this gas station the girls would offer up a cool cup of water and filler up.

Then it's on to the sandwich store to get lunch. Generally a ham sandwich or chicken salad with tomato, corn, carrots and lettuce.

Pico de Ibituruna with its impressive rock face.

Up the mountain we would go. Cloudbase is often below the peak on the way up, but raises over a short time.

The cobblestone road is steep at times as it takes you through the jungle.

Exotic plant life is everywhere along the way.

Up on top, we are greeted by the launch liaison John. He'll ask for your pilot's liscence and a one month launch usage fee of $50 Reals ($25 US).
John's english has improved greatly over the years and he's a great guy to hang out with.

Here's a regular scene as we arrive. Pilots hanging out waiting for the cloudbase to rise.

They have a shade structure to hang out and also a bar.

One of two hang ramps as seen from the bar.

There is a statue of Mary that sits atop the cliff overlooking the city.

We wait for the wind to come up straight on either side of the mountain - cityside or cliffside.

Cliffside - the first peak just past the town is called Salvation and it always worked as a thermal trigger on this trip.

This is Chris from Norway - great pilot with a long time girlfriend from GV, so he speaks Portuguese fluently.

Greg from Canada - solid XC pilot.

JR from Telluride - boa gente (good people).

Max from Norway.

Umberto, a pilot from GV gave me a ride up the hill on the back of his motorbike.

Kevin from Santa Barbara/Telluride and Raul from Valle de Bravo, Mexico - great flying buddies.

Kenny from Chelan, Washington.

Kevin all suited up ready to play.

Raul and Brad ready to roll.

David Weeder from Albequerque, New Mexico.

Me and Cleidj. Cleidj was visiting from Villa Verde, Espirito Santos.

She decided to help me with my preflight.

Moka, local hero - a one time Brazilian champion and tandem pilot.

Howard from England.

Local competition pilot.

Launch cheerleader.

We would sit and watch the clouds form.

At times there was rain.

And with the rain came wind.

This is Jocky Sanderson reviewing the weather with his client.

The rain would bring rainbows.

One day a wedding couple came to take pictures.

There was a hang glider competition on two of the weekends I was there.

This drink caught my eye with the hang glider on the package.

Kevin kiting around.

Chris eyes the dark cloud over launch.

Eventually a pilot will launch and start climbing out. Everyone would get restless and join the sky.



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