Brazil 2007

Rio de Janeiro, Parati, Governador Valadares

Feb 23 - March 18


Governador Valadares - The Paragliding Cross Country Capitol of the World.

Borboleta - A Brazilian butterfly.

Dreams of Brazil.

Swiss pilot launching a steep slope in Rio de Janiero.

Brazil's most recognizable landmark - Cristo Redentor atop Corcovado mountain.

Richard "Critter" Kocurek climbing above the lush rolling terrain of the state of Minas Gerais.

The beach at Leblon, a district of Rio.

JR in his element at cloudbase in GV.

Jungle growth near Parati.

"Surfing" the Cachoeira do Toboga near Parati.

Flying with the Urubu.

Greg Babush on his Boomerang Sport high above Engenheiro Caldas.

And the heavens parted and there was light and it brought abundant thermals and it was good!

Johann hanging on late in the day past Dom Cavati.

Broad green leaves.

A distant LZ and the Tree of Life.

"Chuva" over Salvation as seen from the Pico do Ibituruna. In the distance is the Rio Doce river.
The peak stands 1,123 meters MSL.

With the rain comes rainbows "Arco-iris".


In 3 weeks of travelling and adventure I took about 1,800 pictures.
I've edited them down and devided them into 5 categories if you want to see more:



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