2005 US Nationals - The Story

Chelan, Washington

Let's Start with the Sun.











Waiting for the last task to be called off.

UP on their way down.

Someone likes the camera.

The puppet master.

Heather (15 years old) a couple days after making a 40 mile goal flight.

Len introducing the 2005 US Champion - Bill Belcourt

Serial Class Winners: Zack (4th overall), and Hayden

Womens: 3rd - Kari, 2nd - Michelle, and 1st - Cherie (first time she has won the nationals)

Open class winners: 1st - Will, 2nd - Bill (2005 US Champion), 3rd - Brett

All of this year's winners and their trophies with Chelan Butte in the background.

Womens Trophy closeup. Like Kevin said, "You will either love them or hate them."

Kevin Biernacki - Event organizer extraordinair.

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