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Welcome to
Circling Hawk Paragliding

Learn to paraglide with Circling Hawk Paragliding, the home of safe, thorough, personalized paragliding instruction in Santa Barbara, California.

We offer paragliding tandem mountain flights, full pilot certifications, local site guiding, advanced paraglider USHGA ratings, andvanced paraglider training, paragliding tours, and gear sales.

We serve the southern California area including Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, San Bernardino, Lake Elsinore, and San Diego. Our main training hill is located near Santa Barbara and offers consistent conditions and an amazing view.

What sets Circling Hawk Paragliding apart?

1. Safety and Thoroughness We believe that new paragliding pilots need all of the information available to make safe decisions while flying. We go well beyond the "minimum" requirements that are required by our national organization. Some of the subjects include:

• Understanding weather
• FAA regulations
• How to fly mountain sites
• How to soar cliff sites
• Thermal training
• Really knowing your gear including reserve parachute packing
• Advanced kiting techniques
• Understanding risk management

2. Learn from Pilots that Fly at High Levels Bo Criss and Irene Revenko are instructors that fly paragliders in the Santa Barbara mountains and compete in paragliding competitions on a regular basis.

Bo was on the 2001 US Paragliding Team and competed at the 2001 World Cross Country Paragliding Championships and has been ranked in the top 15 paragliding pilots in the US for the past 5 years. He has coached 15 over the water maneuvers clinics and competed in the Seattle Aerobattle Aerobatics Championships.

Irene has placed extremely well at each of the 4 US National competitions she entered: 2001-3rd woman, 2002-4th woman, 2003-2nd woman, and 2004-3rd woman pilot. Both Bo and Irene enjoy sharing their love for flight and the insights from years and years of experience at high level competition flying with their students.

3. Tandem Paragliding Mountain Instruction Learn to fly the mountains during your training with your instructor. By flying tandem from the Santa Barbara mountains early in your education, you will better understand what is required to be a more competent pilot. This understanding leads to better training. Schools that don't include this excellent training technique are setting you up for a hard road after you've left the comfort of a training hill. more info

4. Exceptional Value – Get More, Pay Less Compare the costs of other paragliding schools and you will see big savings. Generally our P2 pilot program is 20-50% less expensive due to low overhead. Save an additional $400 when you purchase a complete setup including wing, harness, reserve and helmet.

5. Continuing Education Circling Hawk Paragliding is dedicated to your continuing education. Included in a P2 program tuition are your future P3 and P4 paraglider ratings. We also offer additional course work including: thermal clinics, ridge soaring clinics, weather clinics, cross-country paragliding and competition clinics, maneuvers training, and Tandem 1 paraglider rating.

6. Quality Paragliding Photography We love photography and documenting the great times we share with friends in the beautiful places we fly. Recently 2 photographs were printed in the 2005 USHGA Calendar. Check out our photo gallery to see what we mean.

7. We don't just make pilots, we make lifelong friends Our commitment goes well beyond the "training days". Expect more from Circling Hawk Paragliding. Check out our feathered friends photo gallery to see some of the clients and friends of Circling Hawk Paragliding.

Todays message: Peace Love & Paragliding

Call 805 - 403 - 5848 today and schedule your paragliding adventure!



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An Adventurous and
Passionate Pilot's
Overview of the Sport."

Speech given to the
EAA, Experimental
Aircraft Assoc.
Sept. 8, 2005

"Thank you so much
for your wonderful
program last night.
It was refreshing
to see a sport
that involved brains,
brawn and so
much freedom."

Dorchen Forman

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